What do you like to cook?

By Chef PJ

    Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself the question "What do you like to cook? Cooking gives a command that you are ensuring you are going to not only feed yourself but give yourself a tasty meal or snack.
 Is there a specific meal that you enjoy making for family and yourself? Is there a special ingredient that captures you tastebuds to most satisfaction? Cooking a favorite dish can be a natural habit during the week and because it becomes a second nature "at home" meal. Taking the time to explore a different entree to cook up can be quite challenging. 

Is it because it collaborates with your best time of day? Many people find that their favorite meal is derived of the specific time of day that gives a "at peace" feeling. For instance, many individuals may enjoy breakfast because its the first meal in the last eight hours that they have had. 
My favorite meal to prepare is my skin-off Lemon-Onion Salmon. I enjoy cooking this dish because I like to cook it after five o' clock when the sun is settling after the long day. I enjoy cooking the Salmon over the grill and cooking the salmon on both sides with lemon juice squeezed over the top while the fire from the grill is blazing. 

My favorite dish superseded my trophy winner dish the Sticky lemon chicken dish when I began to become more spontaneous in the kitchen. Take the time to try a new meal if you have not done so already. 

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Chef PJ