Chef PJ is a meal prep delivery company that gives the best weekly meals ready to be warmed up for your week nights! We have meal plans for Healthy, Pescatarian, Vegan, and Vegetarian diet needs.
Chef PJ meal plans specializes in French, Southern, Mediterranean, and Gourmet cuisines.

Chef PJ is one of the best Chefs that creates dishes in the perspective of taste and Culinary passion. Chef PJ comes from the midwest and culinary passion from Miami. PJ began his career in St.Louis at North County Technical, learning the core culinary skills including his favorite sautéing and knife skills. He then Attended Johnson & Wales University and completed Bachelors in Hospitality.

He gained lots of experience living in Miami and working in five star hotels in Miami. Since being a young boy living in Saint Louis, Missouri. I have always been captivated with cooking. Growing up I have always wanted to cook for many different people. It gives me great joy to cook a dish that is not the normal five ingredients or less. 

Being captivated by Food Network guests such as Emeril,  Gordon Ramsay, and Bobby Flay inspired me to start my culinary journey.

So he pursued my passion for culinary. I began my journey  to deliver my style of cooking around the U.S. My favorite style of cooking is French. French style cooking encompasses so many different taste and can be mastered overtime. Gaining tons of experience in Miami gave me the vision to create a meal prep company that aims for a tastebud explosion in every bite. Chef PJ's mindset when he is in the kitchen is if the Chef doesnt like it, it won't be served.

                                                                                 Great taste comes with great applause!

                                                                                               Welcome to My Kitchen!

Chef PJ
Executive Chef
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